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Let the power of Reviews, Referrals and Questions to drive your marketing through the engagement of a million micro-influencers and the leverage of social media. This is guaranteed to boost your conversion and sales.

Motivated marketing that moves clients and customers.

On Morerave, anytime you review, refer, or ask a question about a product or service featured on the platform, you get rewarded with points that could fund your next data purchase or that you could take as cash.

Successful marketing campaigns must be sustained for a period, and for such campaigns to be effective, it must direct the target to immediately make a purchase (as the product or service fulfills a need) or at the least make the target initiate an engagement with the business behind the product. At Morerave, we seek to trigger that engagement using social media with a system that inadvertently creates contents and directs focused engagements that would ultimately lead to conversion and sales

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If you have a business, you can start a free trial here, or if you know any business that may be interested in marketing on social, you can also tell us too (We assure you that you will get your reward here and not in heaven)

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Think influencers raised to the power of every SM user that is willing to make side money, just making comments and engaging with brands.